1 more sleep until ‘The Fiery Heart’! Get ready for release day and catch up on all the teaser quotes, chapters, trailers + more

TFH Teaser Master Post

Well, it’s almost here. Only ONE more sleep until we all can have The Fiery Heart in our hot little hands! To help you get ready for tomorrow, we’ve compiled all the teaser quotes, chapters and trailers that were released in the lead up to this week. Plus, everything you need to know about release day! 

Teasers and Quotes:

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Chapter 1: Adrian’s POV
Chapter 2: Sydney’s POV


Trailer #1: (Sydney’s POV) Who am I…
Trailer #2: (Adrian’s POV) Who am I…
Trailer #3: (Sydney’s POV) Who am I without…
Trailer #4: (Adrian’s POV) Who am I without…
Trailer #5: (Sydney’s POV) Who am I without the Alchemists? Without him?
Trailer #6: (Adrian’s POV) Who am I without Spirit? Without her?

You can also find our trailer shoots recaps for day 1 here and day 2 here.

Here’s what you need to know about release day:

  • Australia and New Zealand will be the first countries to have TFH. Hard copies will be available from opening business hours (9am or earlier) from all good bookstores (ie. Dymocks). Department stores like Big W, Target and Kmart may have them, but it will depend on what stock they’ve put out the night before.
  • E-reader copies will be released at 12.01am US Time. US peeps will get it on their kindles/nooks/ipads/etc from midnight in their timezone. International peeps will get their copy anytime from Tuesday 12.01am US time. You can still preorder a e-copy from Amazon or Apple!
  • If you’re in the US and want a hard copy, bookstores (B&N and Books-A-Million) or stores like Wallmart and Target will all stock them from opening business hours. UK peeps can pick up their hard copies at bookstores like Waterstones. And Canadian’s will most likely find their copy at Chapters.
  • If you pre-ordered a signed copy from Richelle, these will ship on Tuesday US time. US peeps most likely will get theirs on the day or days after. International peeps will get in the next few weeks. Personalised signed copies will ship next Monday (Nov 25). It’s not too late to preorder yourself a signed copy, just click here.

Where you can find Richelle: 

Click here for all you need to know about Richelle’s appearances and signings this week.


Penguin Teen Australia also made reaction GIFs for fans to use as they read the book. See below for all the GIFs in one spot.

Also check back in with Penguin Teen Australia’s non-spoilery tweets once you’ve read the book and see if you can match their reactions to all the WTF!? and OMG! moments.

AND don’t forget to take a Fiery Selfie with your copy or e-reader on release day, and tag #FierySelfie on PTA’s Twitter or Facebook!

HRG will be SPOILER FREE until December 1! 

Her Royal Guardian site and social media accounts will be spoiler free for the remainder of November, as will PTA, Bloodlines Books and some of the fansites. We’ve all been warned that this book is a big one in the series, so let’s all try and keep spoilers away from twitter and facebook so that everyone can enjoy the book as they read it.

To help us with spoilers, PTA has as a spoiler post open from today, click here to head to their Fiery Heart spoiler room! We’ll most definitely be popping in to chat there, so look out for us!

We are beyond excited for this book, and can’t wait to read it and then fangirl with everyone! We’ll have staff at the Australian launch tonight, so look out for our pics on Instagram and tweets on Twitter!

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