Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 14 predictions for ‘Vampire Academy’

Welcome to Chapter by Chapter, a weekly chapter discussion between fansites about the first Vampire Academy book and the movie!

Each week until February, several fansites will discuss how they think the scenes and characters will translate onto the movie, predict which scenes they think may be different or cut and share their must have quotes. Please be aware that there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book yet or haven’t finished it, STOP READING NOW.

Join us this week to discuss chapter 14 is Fangirling Central!


Chapter Summary

Chapter 14 begins with Rose spying on Lissa through the bond, as Lissa regains her high social status among the royal Moroi at St. Vlad’s. During one of these times, with Rose spying on Lissa talking to Natalie, Rose and Lissa begin to notice that Natalie is becoming suspicious to Lissa’s sudden rise in the school’s social status. One day during church, Rose notices how the darkness is starting to creep into Lissa when she uses spirit. It is then that Rose realizes something about Lissa, Ms. Karp and Vladimir, they all had/have the power to heal others. When Rose is heading out to training, she runs into two Dhampir guys, who start hitting on her and basically calling her a whore, not just a bloodwhore. Just then Mason turns up and saves her, punching one of the Dhampir. After Rose snaps at Mason for saving her (she thinks she doesn’t needed it) she asks him to help her in getting Christian to some books for her on St. Vladimir, which she knows to be in the storage room of the church. Christian is the only one who can get them. End chapter.

Her Royal Guardian, Paige

I’ve said it before, but I’m really intrigued to see how they bond and Lissa’s compulsion will translate to the big screen. Both have the potential to come off as a little cheesy, if not done well and explained properly, but I have trust in the Waters’ bros, who I am sure have done it well. I think Sarah Hyland will be able to play suspicious Natalie and play off of Zoey and Lucy well, she certainly pulls off geeky, outsider Natalie amazingly from the stills we’ve seen. I also think she’ll bring a subtle comedic element to the character, which will suit the tone of the first book. This chapter also has Rose beginning to feel the darkness starting to creep into Lissa, however I’m not sure this will be written into the script at this point in the film. I do however hope it’s hinted at, at least, as this is quite foreshadowing for future books. Dan Waters has said that Rose has to dig a little deeper to discover the link between St. Vladimir and spirit, so I doubt it will come out as directly as in the book, but I am interested to see how it plays out and I reeeeeeeally hope that Mason is involved in helping Rose with the digging – even more than he is in the book! Seriously, I love Mason! While I’m not sure that the scene with Rose and the bully dhampirs in the kitchen will be included (because of time restraints) I hold the hope it will, if only to see Mason as a knight in shining armour!

Must have quotes:
“You don’t think my winning personality could do this on its own?” ~ Lissa

2. “Ms. Karp, i realized, wasn’t the only other Moroi who could heal like Lissa. Vladimir could too.” ~ Rose
3. “I just don’t like being treated like… a girl.” “You are a girl. And I was just trying to help.” ~ Rose and Mason

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Fangirling Central, Bisma

The chapter starts with Rose spying on Lissa through the bond. She witnesses a conversation between Natalie and Lissa. It will be really interesting to see Sarah Hyland ramble on indefinitely as Natalie and I really think she’ll pull it off.

We also witness Lissa using compulsion in Church on two boys, glaring at them until they obey her. Lucy Fry has a very commanding, regal look and it will definitely come through when she portrays this aspect of Lissa in charge. During the Church sermon, Rose starts to unravel the mystery of Saint Vladimir once again, setting her journey up for the third act.

Later she encounters two rude Dhampir boys who start teasing her and the infamous line (quote #1 below) is said to her after which Mason comes to her rescue in the book. We know from the footage shown at NYCC that this line is spoken to Rose during training and her kick to the guy’s crotch answers him.

Thereafter, Rose has a conversation with Mason and in her head she tells herself why she cannot date Mason, which includes a line (quote #2 below) that must be used in the film, perhaps in a voice over.

They also share a funny conversation about “saving damsels”. This scene further highlights the camaraderie between the two (quote #3 below) and should be shown in the film.

Rose then enlists Mason’s help to get a message across to Christian to acquire the books about Saint Vladimir’s from the Church’s attic, in return for an apology. It is possible, that Rose will directly go up to Christian for the favour in the film, bypassing the need to ask Mason.

Must have quotes:
 “I thought you didn’t have a problem taking on two guys at the same time.”

2. “I couldn’t be Mason’s girlfriend because when I imagined someone holding me and whispering dirty things in my ear, he had a Russian accent.”
3. Mason – “I don’t think you know what gets me off. Saving damsels like you is just the honourable thing to do.”

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Let’s discuss! This chapter was a pretty quiet one but it sets things up for big things to come. How do you think chapter 14 will be adapted? 

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