Around the Web: Round up of press for Vampire Academy theatrical trailer

'They Suck At School' Poster copy

Press for Vampire Academy movie and the theatrical trailer has been flooding in over the last day or so. VA has been getting a lot of buzz and we LOVE it! Below is a round up of all the articles for you to check out. We’ll keep adding to this post, as more come in.

MTV: ‘Vampire Academy’ Trailer Proves That High School Still Sucks

“Lest you think this is another sucky teen vampire movie — well, you’re technically right (after all, there is bloodsucking and it is about teens), but the premise is notably un-Twilight.”

Just Jared: Zoey Deutch & Sarah Hyland: New ‘Vampire Academy’ Trailer!

“The film follows the legend of Rose Hathaway (Deutch) and Lissa Dragomir (Fry), two 17-year-old girls who attend a hidden boarding school for Moroi (mortal, peaceful Vampires) and Dhampirs (half-vampire/half-human guardians).” New VA Trailer Will Make You Want to Suck Someone’s Neck

“Though we got a peek at the teaser trailer back in August right after the movie wrapped, it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new, and we’re SO excited for this. We’re still trying to collect our thoughts over here…what about you guys?”

Huffington Post: ‘Vampire Academy’ Trailer Sucks Blood, Teen Angst

“We saw hundreds of people for that part, and there was something about Zoey where she didn’t look physically like I had imagined the part. I imagined someone who looked more like an Olympic athlete,” Mark Waters told HuffPost Entertainment back in August. “But there was just something about what she brought to the performance, which was this attitude and energy and this strength and confidence, as well as the facility to deal with the very intricate dialogue and make it real and make it funny. There was nobody really close to her in capturing Rose’s essence. She was able to nail it on the head.”

Movie Fanatic: When Was the Last Time You Ate?

“With each successive tease from Vampire Academy, we (and audiences!) seem to get more and more intrigued about this film adaptation of the book series by Richelle Mead. Now that the theatrical Vampire Academy teaser has landed… look out, world!”

Cinema Blend: New Vampire Academy Trailer Is Full Of Action And Fang-Filled Fun

“Action, humor, a bit of romance and lots of fangs emerge in the latest glimpse of the movie, and while there might be some concern that the humor will undercut the tension a bit too much in this adaptation, I’m optimistic about that approach, as i think the source material leaves room for it, and a lighter tone could help Vampire Academy stand out a bit more amidst the flood of other young adult adaptations making their way to the big screen these days.”

Screenrant: ‘Vampire Academy’ Trailer: Half-Human, Half-Vampire Fun for YA Crowd

“The seen-it-all-before setup notwithstanding, it all looks pretty fun, with the tone of the trailer indicating a more light-hearted pic than its contemporaries. The veritable mix of experience and youth in the cast is another encouraging sign. Deutch looks very confident in the lead here with some charismatic delivery, whilst the presence of Olga Kurylenko and Gabriel Byrne should also help pique interest. Based on this early look Vampire Academy has the potential to not only satisfy fans of Mead’s prose, but to also draw in new audiences. It will likely be the latter that can help guarantee the franchise’s staying power.”

Beyond Hollywood: New Vampire Academy Trailer is Kinda Wicked Funny and Cute

“Now trust me, I don’t have much love for these teensy movies based on YA novels, but I gotta admit, the latest trailer for former “Mean Girls” director Mark Waters’ “Vampire Academy” is really cute. And funny. It had me cracking a stupid grin, at least. Now I’m not saying it’s going to be great or anything, but it sure doesn’t take itself too seriously, and you gotta admire that about a YA movie that probably knows damn well it’s viewership has seen something like it a few million times before.”

Bloody Disgusting: “Enrol In the ‘Vampire Academy’ With This New Trailer”

Dread central: New ‘Vampire Academy’ trailer has teeth


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