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We are an Australian based Fansite for Richelle Mead’s book series, Vampire Academy and Bloodlines! We’re dedicated to bringing you all the latest news in the VA world including news about the movie, Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, and it’s cast and crew!

Her Royal Guardian is created, owned and run by two VAddicts who also happen to be (Blood) Sisters! As sisters we are very similar to Rose and Lissa. Paige, the older sister, is brunette and a protector of her younger sister, Briony who is blonde and a strong princess. We have been Vampire Academy fans since early 2009 and with VA fans have followed the highs and lows as the Vampire Academy series ended, Bloodlines began and movie dreams became a dream come true. Together we formed this fansite as a way to channel our obsession (although really it’s only intensified it!) and Her Royal Guardian was created!

We chose Her Royal Guardian as our name as we wanted it to reflect and represent both of Richelle Mead’s series. In the Vampire Academy series, Rose is the Guardian of Lissa, the Royal. And in the Bloodlines series, while Sydney is an Alchemist, she does become a protector and guardian of Jill, the Royal.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to sharing with you all the exciting things that are to come for the VA fandom!



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