Meet the Team



Paige |Site Founder/Owner/Manager
I am 21 and currently completing my honours degree in Medical Science. My studies occupy my days but my love of storytelling keep me sane. Vampire Academy is my first love but I am passionate about many YA book-to-movie adaptations. Other than books I love all things girly-girl, brightly coloured nail-polish, singing and musical theatre, lazy Sunday mornings and Aussie Rules footy. You can also find me at Red Carpet Endings and fangirling at @paigelyn41!


Briony | Owner/Features Writer
I’m 18 and am studying environmental science, to hopefully become a conservationist/zoologist. I first became a Vaddict last year and have been hooked ever since. I wish I had read the books sooner and I now can’t go long without reading them again! In my spare time I love dancing, drawing and reading – I carry a book everywhere with me!

Kennia Kennia | News Writer
I began to truly live when I decided to create who I am instead of “find” who I am. I love to crawl into the universe that each book holds! I am in college and the plan is to Major in English and get a minor in History. I am passionate on the things I love and my goals, dreams, and wishes. I hope to become a teacher and a writer! You can follow me at @MylilBookShelf!

AngeliqueAngelique | News Writer
I am currently in year 11 at high school. Once I finish, I want to go to university and study Psychology and/or Editing and Publishing. I love Vampire Academy as it takes me to another world, and it has alot of life lessons as it’s under current. I also love to read, write and love doing crafts. You can find me reviewing books on my blog Angel Reads and follow me at @angel_reads!



Sydney | News & Features Writer
I’m turning 20 and I’m studying at Whitehouse Institute of Design to become a stylist and creative director. I wouldn’t have imagined myself to love books as much as I do now. Reading has provided a great escape and chance to immerse myself into someones else’s shoes and explore another world. Vampire Academy was one of the first series I fell in love with and along with other series by Richelle Mead. My friends can’t handle my fangirling and so that’s when I turn to twitter to swoon with other like minded people about VA and other YA books. You can follow me @VampAcademyAus & @SydneyRose7

BrittanyBrittany | News Writer
I am the eldest of six and mum to daughter, Constance. Yep, I’m a teen mum and very proud. I am currently studying photography and model for a local photographer. I absolutely adore the Vampire Academy World because it is an escape from reality. It is my happy place. A place I feel like i know better than my own world. Follow me at @VA_Adelaide.