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This fansite is of Vampire Academy fans of all ages. Therefore offensive, defamatory and illegal material should not be posted and will be removed immediately. Ignorance of this policy will result in blocking of the user.

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This fan site is about creating a friendly community for Vampire Academy fans. While we value your comments and questions via our site and social media accounts, we will not tolerate trolling, spamming or disrespect to us or fans and this will result in deleting or blocking of the user. If you come across any of the above on our site or social media, we ask that you please not engage with these persons, and let us know via email.

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We believe in properly crediting and acknowledging the work of others. It is for this reason we will credit all sources and work that we publish in our posts and endeavour to be as original and creative as possible. Every effort will be exhausted through research and investigation to ensure that this happens to a high standard. We ask that in return you please credit us, in particular original posts, guest posts and regular features.

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