VA Family Links

Here’s our updated master list of social media links to the VA family.
Show your support for our amazing VA family by following and liking them but make sure you’re not being fooled by any fakes!

List updated as of October 2 2013


Richelle Mead: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Penguin Teen: Website | Facebook | Twitter
Penguin Teen Australia: Website | Facebook | Twitter
Bloodlines (Official): Website | Facebook | Twitter
Erin Berger (Penguin Teen Markering Director): Twitter
Jim McCarthy (Richelle’s Agent): Twitter
Emma Vieceli (Graphic Novels): Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

Daisy Masterman (Sydney Sage, Bloodlines trailers): Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram
Nic Wheeler (Adrian Ivashkov, Bloodlines trailers):  Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram
Malachi Wolf: Twitter


OVAM (run by Producers): Facebook | Twitter IMDB
Preger Entertainment: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mark Waters (Director): IMDB (No social media)
Daniel Waters (Screenplay): IMDB 
(No social media)

Marci Liroff (Casting director): Facebook | Twitter

Rolfe Kent (Film score composer): Facebook | Twitter

Movie Distributors
Official Vampire Academy Movie (run by The Weinstein Company): Facebook | Twitter | Website
The Weinstein Company: Facebook | Twitter Website
STUDIOCANAL Australia: Facebook | Twitter  | Website
Pinewood Studios: Twitter

Behind The Scenes
Alicia Strom (Fitness trainer): Twitter
Bobby Strom: Twitter
Flora Moody (Make up): Twitter
Cloud 12 ltd (Helicopter camera): Twitter
Nick Gillard (Stunts): Twitter
Ashley Beck (Stunts): Twitter
Eddie Perez (Stunts): Twitter


Three Leads:
Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway): Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Danila Kozlovsky (Dimitri Belikov): Twitter Instagram
Lucy Fry (Lissa Dragomir): Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Dominic Sherwood (Christain Ozera): Twitter  | Instagram
Sami Gayle (Mia Rinaldi): Twitter | Instagram
Sarah Hyland (Natalie Dashkov): Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Edward Holcroft (Aaron Drozdov): Twitter
Ashley Charles (Jesse Zeklos): Twitter
Olga Kurylenko (Headmistress Kirova): Facebook | Twitter
Harry Bradshaw (Bruno, Mia’s bitchy friend): Twitter
Chris Mason (Ray): Twitter

Cameron Monaghan (Mason Ashford): Twitter | Instagram
Dominque Tipper (Guardian Alberta): Twitter

Supporting Cast/Extras
Will Tudor (Senior Novice): Twitter
Nathan Shaw (Dhampir Student):  Facebook |Twitter
Charlotte Rickard (Dhampir): Twitter
Jackson Bews (Jered):Twitter
Daisy Florence More (Moroi): Twitter
Grace J Cleere (Moroi): Twitter
Ben Nathan: Twitter
Barney Shakespeare: Twitter
Raja Purewal: Twitter
Mia Maria Dagyte: Twitter
Bernadette Lemon: Twitter
Liam Lloyd-James: Twitter
Ben: Twitter
Dritan Kastrati: Twitter
James Ayling: Twitter
Katie Harland: Twitter
Tom Jacob: Twitter
Jamie Atkins: Twitter
Bronte Terrell: Twitter
Ultan: Twitter

VA Cast Family Members
Maddie Deutch (Zoey’s Sister): Twitter
Lea Thompson (Zoey’s Mom): Twitter
Matt Prokop (Sarah’s BF): Twitter
Nathan Shaw’s Mum: Twitter

Not on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Etc

Ben Peel (Spiridion): IMDB
Elizabeth Conboy (Rhea Dragomir, Lissa’s Mother): IMDB
Claire Foy (Sonya Karp): IMDB
Gabriel Byrne (Victor Dashkov): IMDB
Joely Richardson (Queen Tatiana): IMDB

* Please note this list is updated to the best of our knowledge, if you find an error or know of a VA family member who is not listed, please let us know via email at or twitter (@Royal_Guardian)

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